Why do political parties exist?

Who started these parties?

Have political parties always existed as they do now, Republican and Democrat?

These may be some of the questions you had regarding the history of our United States political system. Political parties as we know them, date back to mid 17th century England and are described as, a group of individuals that form in order to support or oppose a specific government policy. Though these groups existed, the modern notion of political parties in the United States stems from the democratic revolution when individuals demanded that the public play a role in the government.

The creation of the Constitution created a platform from which the political party system as we know it develops. As grievances regarding government policies grow, groups begin to form based on similar interests which is the ultimate catalyst in party formation, and the two-party system. As a result, the United States moves through three specific party systems in order to reach the modern Democratic and Republican parties as we know them today.