Second Party System

The Second Party System started in 1824 when Andrew Jackson lost the Presidential election to John Quincy Adams. Although the Democratic-Republicans had won, an internal divide had arisen which weakened and discredited the party as a whole. In 1828, Andrew Jackson won the Presidential election as a result of the weak Democratic-Republican party.This victory ushered in the reign of a new party which was referred to as the Jacksonian Democrats. Between 1824 and 1840 two-party politics became a more permanent and partisan system. As Andrew Jackson holds the office of President, two distinct parties emerge. First, the Jacksonian Democrats emerge who supported Jackson’s policies and programs, then The Whigs, who were created from the rubble of the Democratic-Republicans through the leadership of Henry Clay, are opposed to policies and programs of Alexander Hamilton. These two parties battled until the issue of slavery caused great divides, and lead to the eventual downfall of the Whigs in 1856.