The Whig party was founded around 1833, shortly after Andrew Jackson won the Presidential election in 1828. The Whigs formed from one of the factions that resulted from the divide within the Democratic-Republican party. The Whigs were formed in order to oppose the policies that were promoted by the Jacksonian-Democrats. The Whig policies and views included a more powerful Congress to check the power of the executive, and the protection of minority rights from rule of the majority, as well as economic policies that promoted manufacturing and industrial growth in the United States. However in 1848, when slavery became the political focus, factions began to divide each party, and by 1856 the Whigs and Jacksonian-Democrats had evolved. This evolution is partly due to the emergence of slavery as a political issue, but it can also be attributed to the newer politicians who began to fill the positions of political leaders that were in power since the 1820’s. In turn, new parties begin to form and create what we know as the Third Party System.